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Earnings per share

Earnings per share for the second quarters and first halves of 2011 and 2012 were calculated on the basis of the number of shares outstanding as of the respective closing dates and solely on continuing operations. There were no accounting change effects to be considered. Since there are currently no equity instruments in issue that could dilute earnings per share, basic and diluted earnings per share are identical. For more information about equity instruments that could dilute earnings per share in the future, readers are referred to the notes to the consolidated financial statements as of December 31, 2011.

Earnings per Share
  Q2 2011 Q2 2012 Change % H1 2011 H1 2012 Change %
Net income (€ million) 181 176 (2.8) 347 369 6.3
Number of outstanding shares 83,202,670 83,202,670 0.0 83,202,670 83,202,670 0.0
Earnings per share in € (undiluted/diluted) 2.17 2.11 (2.8) 4.17 4.43 6.3


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